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Mental Health Service Improvement

With decades of mental health service underfunding, a common focus across ICSs is a shift towards prevention and an ambition to transform NHS care for mental health patients. Health systems throughout England need to transform services to deliver ‘parity of esteem’ between mental and physical health by prioritising prevention, equal access, integration, quality and patient care.

Improvement in the provision of mental health services offers the opportunity to deliver:

· Better patient experience and outcomes
· The right care, of the right quality at the right time
· Integrated working that can manage and prevent poor mental health
· Financial efficiencies that can be reinvested back into the system.

Arden & GEM has a proven track record in delivering mental health transformation programmes that span multiple geographies and drive collaboration between health and social care commissioners and providers. By drawing upon our expertise in business intelligence, programme management, service transformation, procurement and clinical engagement; we can both identify potential opportunities and implement new models of care that improve outcomes and efficiency.

Our work has received national recognition for delivering transformation of mental health services. This includes winning the HSJ Value and Improvement in Mental Health Award for bringing mental health patients closer to home.

A proven approach to change management

We will work strategically with you to fully understand local circumstances – what is the present state of the local system, what improvements are sought, what are the quality and financial challenges. We then work practically with you to develop and deliver solutions to meet those challenges – new care models, new organisational models, new ways of working, and new contracting models, including the move to shared risk and value based healthcare.

Our tried and tested five stage change model provides an end-to-end solution or modular provision that tailors the support, tools, techniques and content to meet your exact needs.

1) Decide what to change
With mental health covering over 200 disorders, and often limited data available for patient pathways, identifying priorities for transformation can be a challenge. Our data and analysis delivers understanding of spend, services and outcomes which prioritises potential transformation programmes by modelling the potential benefits for both patients and commissioners.

2) Build consensus
A shift in delivery from hospital to a diverse range of specialised community-based providers, plus increasing integration with social care, makes the mental health sector a complex landscape. Our experience of system transformation ensures we have the understanding and skills required to engage the whole local health system, including patients, to build understanding, grow collaboration and formulate a shared vision.

3) Evaluate the options
We deliver accurate and impartial economic and non-financial benefit evaluation for mental health services. This requires a complex blend of data analysis, clinical analysis, provider performance analysis, patient needs and assessment of the procurement and contracting levers available. Our support ensures you make informed decisions and maximise your return.

4) Make change happen
We help you to implement sustainable initiatives to improve mental health services and maximise value. Our experienced transformation programme managers deliver end-to-end change management from co-produced practical implementation plans, collaborative problem solving as the project develops, through to embedding new models of care to ensure benefit realisation.

5) Learn and improve
We establish and support continuous improvement approaches for your mental health system by ensuring that measurement of outcomes, impact and replicability is built in from the beginning. From logic models to formative and summative evaluation, we empower health systems to adapt innovations in mental health provision to optimise impact and identify areas for improvement.

Our mental health transformational highlights

To find out more, please click here for our Improving mental health services brochure

We have a proven track record in delivering mental health transformation programmes that span multiple geographies and drive collaboration between health and social care commissioners and providers.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about working collaboratively to meet your mental health service challenges.


Find out more about our work in transforming mental health systems by accessing the resources below.


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