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Header image for the current page Finalists at the Health Business Awards 2020

Finalists at the Health Business Awards 2020

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Arden & GEM has been successfully shortlisted in the ‘Patient Data’ and ‘Telehealth’ categories at the Health Business Awards 2020.

Recognising and celebrating the many examples of innovation and excellence that happen every day in the NHS, the Health Business Awards finalists shortlist includes two digital solutions from Arden & GEM’s Data and Systems, and Digital Transformation teams.

The first shortlisting, for the Patient Data Award, recognises the COVID-19 Patient Notification System (CPNS) which was developed as part of the early response to the coronavirus pandemic to enable the daily reporting of deaths. The CPNS provides vital information in a simple and standardised format to underpin national death analysis and support organisations to make informed decisions. The system, and its underpinning processes, has been endorsed by the UK Statistics Authority as proving ‘critical for decision-makers and scientists’.

The second shortlisting, for the Telehealth Award, is for a partnership project between Arden & GEM and Tekihealth Solutions to deliver remote healthcare services to care home residents.

COVID-19 presents a particular risk for the care home setting with many frail and elderly individuals, often with compromised immune systems or pre-existing medical conditions, living in close proximity. Isolating this group and reducing the risk of rapid infection is even more challenging set against a circulating group of healthcare workers and increasing demand for care home visits from clinicians.

Teki-Hub is specifically designed for remote clinical examination, enabling the doctor to conduct a full clinical assessment through the use of tele-diagnostic equipment.

The award winners will be announced at a virtual ceremony on Thursday 10 December, presented by GP, TV presenter and author, Dr Hilary Jones.

Read the full shortlist here.