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Header image for the current page Event: The Connected Future of Assisted Living

Event: The Connected Future of Assisted Living

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Providing patients with high quality care and support in their own homes helps to avoid admissions to hospital and reduce discharge delays while also enabling people to stay in a comfortable and familiar setting.

With the latest data from NHS England and NHS Improvement (April 2022) showing that 13% of hospital beds are occupied by patients who do not meet the ‘criteria to reside’, a figure which is increasing annually, exploring assisted living solutions is a priority for all care systems.

The ‘Connected Future of Assisted Living’ event will take place on Monday 11 July 2022, between 12:00 and 14:30, in central Birmingham. At this event, NHS Arden & GEM CSU and West Midlands 5G (WM5G) will be sharing how state of the art connected technology solutions, including virtual wards and remote monitoring tools, can help to deliver cost-effective care which reduces the need for hospital referral and gives confidence in discharging as early as possible.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Group and Sutton Council will be describing how assisted living devices have not only increased the cost-effectiveness of care but also improved patient safety and saved lives in a pilot scheme. The IoT is a system of interconnected devices that collect data and insight to inform decision-making e.g. intelligent home thermostats. By harnessing these devices to discreetly monitor activity patterns and trigger alerts where appropriate, vulnerable people can be supported to live independently.

Recognising that implementing any new technology needs to be outcome-led with full stakeholder engagement, careful pathway planning and effective use of data, this event will also consider the best ways to embark on an assisted living journey that will make a genuine impact for your health economy.

You can register for the free event here.


If, like us, you believe that IoT devices can be a fundamental tool in tackling home care challenges then we’d like to contribute funding to your project. We are looking to provide devices, and the corresponding data, to three ICSs as part of demonstrator projects to address real need.

If you have a potential project in mind or are looking to be inspired by the experience of others, then come along and speak with us on 11 July.