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Header image for the current page Care home medication review service featured in the Journal of Medicines Optimisation

Care home medication review service featured in the Journal of Medicines Optimisation

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Arden & GEM’s Medicines Optimisation team is delighted to have an article included in the latest issue of the Journal of Medicines Optimisation (Volume 5, Issue 1).

The Journal, which aims to support the development of a patient-centred approach to get the best possible outcomes and value from medicines, includes an article from Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Jenny Desborough and Medicines Optimisation Technician, Jen Carroll who share their experience and results from running a care home medication review service on behalf of Norwich CCG.

As the proportion of older people affected by multiple health problems and living in care homes rises, it is essential that care home residents are supported to achieve better outcomes by optimising the use of their medicines. In Norwich, this support is provided by the Commissioning Support Unit’s Medicines Optimisation team, which has designed an annual medication review programme. These holistic reviews are conducted as part of multidisciplinary sessions at each participating care home.

Following four years of operation, the team running the service shares the aims, process and results from the initiative as well as discussing the current and potential benefits for patients, clinicians and the wider local health economy.

Click here to access to the March 2019 issue, with the article featured on pages 17-25.