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Contract Management Portal

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With contracts governing over 95% of transactions and value in the NHS, these pivotal documents define how health systems and component organisations operate. Yet in many cases leveraging the full value of contracts is hampered by fragmented processes, poor visibility and suboptimal reporting.

Effective contract lifecycle management enables NHS organisations to manage contracts more effectively to increase efficiency, streamline processes, and reduce risk. Arden & GEM is working in partnership with Atamis to deliver a contract management repository and management tool designed specifically to empower the NHS to deliver efficiency throughout the strategic sourcing cycle.

Our support is already enabling health systems to utilise the business-critical information held about contracts to support delivery of the triple aim duty of improving outcomes, quality and effective use of NHS resources.

Our contract management portal

Our contract management tool allows customers to view all of their contracts in one database which can be accessed across multiple organisations within an Integrated Care System. Our unique partnership provides clients with access to the Atamis contracts portal without the additional expenditure associated with the full suite of tools.

This cloud-based live platform allows multiple users to work on the system at any one time from any location with internet access. It allows contracts to be stored and managed securely by predefined user profiles. Our end-to end support includes:


The benefits

  • A secure and NHS compliant contracts management tool that satisfies audit requirements.
  • Creates greater visibility of contracts across commissioners, decision making bodies, providers and entire health systems.
  • Provides a central repository that ensures all documentation is in one place, easily accessible and fully searchable (irrespective of type – healthcare, goods and services etc.)
  • Enables automated dashboards, reporting and workflows.
  • Can help with future work planning and pipeline management because of visibility of when contracts expire.
  • User-friendly and intuitive system that can be tailored to show vital information including extension options, procurement source, IG compliance and contact details.

“The contract management portal has been extremely helpful to our team in ensuring we have the appropriate visibility and functionality to manage our contract portfolio effectively. The Arden & GEM team has been fantastic in supporting us through the implementation journey, on-going support and training as required. They have gone over and above to support us and we would highly recommended their service.”
Deputy Director of Procurement, BCA (Black Country Alliance)


If you would like to find out more about our Contract Management Portal please contact us here: